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Making a positive impact on Independent Living

Rose Quartz

At Rose Quartz all clients, including people with learning disabilities have a right to the best outcomes in life. Unfortunately, these group of people encounter complex and sometimes lifelong challenges on a daily basis that can only be imagined.
Learning disabilities affects how individuals learn, and process everyday activities like work, education and daily living skills. It also affects how they communicate. These challenges mean that they have difficulties processing complex information and with independent skills. They also experience discrimination and prejudicial treatment from other people who do not understand learning disabilities.
However, with proper care, support and encouragement, we at Rose Quartz believe that our clients with learning disabilities can achieve positive outcomes, comfort and satisfaction in their lives.
Rose Quartz, a sister company of Blue Crystal Care Agency, operates a 4-bedroom supported living accommodation that provides 24-hour care and support for clients. It is set in a quiet location in North Harrow with a lovely garden.
Facilities & Services: Respite Care • Physiotherapy • Independent Living Training • Own GP
Own Furniture if required• Close to Local shops • Near Public Transport • • Gardens for residents • • Television point in own room • Residents Internet Access
Our Ethos at Rose Quartz is the focus of care, services and facilities for clients that access our provision. We ensure that the needs, wishes and preferences of our clients is at the focus of the planning and implementation of their care package, taking into consideration their ever-changing requirements. We aim to provide support and care to make a significant difference in their lives and outcome for placement. Find below some of the aspects of Rose Quartz that our clients find favourable to their needs:
Supported Living
At Rose Quartz, clients and families are encouraged to contribute towards the planning and implementation of services and facilities. We will support their transition to and from the family home or permanent place of abode. While resident at Rose Quartz, they are supported with making decisions relating to daily living such as shopping, cooking, and other independent life skills.
Our support packages are adaptable to the needs of our clients ranging from 24/7 care or the scheduled drop-ins to support specified activities, administer medication, or managing their affairs.
Independent skills provision
At Rose Quartz, jointly we support our clients to develop and improve on their independent skills – supporting them to make decisions on life skills as a safe mode as it is possible. This may include the use of individualised and adapted technology, for example, communication or mobility aids. Our experience has shown that due to our clients and families contributing to the planning of activities in the house, they are happier within themselves. Due to this method, our clients feel valued as members of the community.
Staffing provision
Identifying the right staff to support our client is as important as all the other services and facilities at the disposal of our clients at Rose Quartz. As part of the process, we will identify and place the right staff for everyone that will share the same interest as our client, especially when they may be spending a lot of time in each other’s company. However, all our staff at Rose Quartz are highly trained, experienced and skilled to the level that they can take a holistic and person-centred approach.
Taking on board, contributions from the families, health professionals and the clients to collaborate the planning of activities, meals and other decisions relating to life skills.
To support the communication needs of the clients at Rose Quartz, staff are trained in the use of Makaton and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).
Personal care provision
Blue Crystal Care Agency, our sister company is a domiciliary care provider, supporting the community by providing personal care in people’s own homes to the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who regulate care provision in England. Our sister company is tasked with the provision of personal care for residents at Rose Quartz – a responsibility that is taken as seriously as all other clients for which they provide care and support.
The Healthy diet provision
For those individuals who rely on Rose Quartz to provide their meals, they are assured of a healthy, balanced diet that is inclusive of plenty of fluids and a lifestyle that is active enough to contribute positively to the improvement in health and well-being. A healthy lifestyle and the intake of a balanced diet also reduces the risk of falling ill and visiting the GP.
Our garden has been designed to allow the clients to grow their own vegetables, which is both therapeutic and supports healthy living.
Assessment and support
Our local authority and health services have a professional team dedicated to assessing, identifying and providing support for people with learning disabilities. The team comprises of social workers, community nurses, care managers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, dietians and psychiatrists who work together to ensure that our clients with a diagnosed learning disability gets the support best suited to their individual needs, wishes and preferences.
On referral, we at Rose Quartz will work closely with our professionals and other significant persons including the client to develop the suitable care package that will be best supported.