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Rose Quartz Ltd

Rose Quartz Ltd. is a 4-bedroom supported living accommodation in memory of the Care Manager’s brother.
Blue Crystal Care Agency trading as Rose Quartz Limited provides a 24-hour care and support provision for people with learning disabilities with the objective of integrating them into the wider community.
While at Rose Quartz Ltd, the clients will be supported to learn life skills such as:
• Cooking healthy meals
• Personal care
• Domestic and home chores
• Shopping and
• Manage personal budgets
We take a holistic approach to the care of the clients at Rose Quartz Ltd. They will be involved in the planning of their activities, meals, household chores on a regular basis for a comforting environment. There is a large back garden where the clients are encouraged to grow their own vegetables and plants.
The caregivers at Rose Quartz Ltd are from Blue Crystal Care Agency. They are trained and qualified in dealing with people with learning disabilities and will continue to receive continuous professional development to enhance the service delivery.